Sunday, May 9, 2010

To My Mother

This is a special day, Mothers Day. It's the day we honor our Mom's for who they are and what they have done and given to us.

I have a Mom, her name is Mary K. She is a great Mom. Through the years she has taught me to love this creation that God has so blessed us with. All through our lives she had gardened and created her own little paradise out of the land that my Father and she were so very blessed with.

It's amazing to think of all the new life they left in their wake. Every new home was immediately planted with trees. And as the seasons changed new life sprang forth.
Not only had she taught me to create with trees and plants, but she blessed me when I was very young with the love of horses. I am not exactly sure of the age but she bought a pony for us, Goldy. That was the beginning for me. That day forward my life has been involved in some way or other with horses. They are my passion and Mom gave that to me. What a lasting gift. If only there were some way to repay that.

Today I honor you, Mom, with pictures of pieces of me. Thank you for all you are and have been through the years.

Your daughter, Buffy

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Mary Kay Stewart said...

Thank you, Buffy for sharing such special thoughts today. I treasure your realization that this is truly what our lives were about. Perhaps this is how part of us will continue to live on in Eternity through what you value. I appreciate knowing how God's Creation fills your heart and soul to overflowing. Mother

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